Alexa Kahn

Alexa Kahn is a Los Angeles-based voice over artist and this is what I look like...


This is what I sound like...


These are some clients who like me... 


I like learning...

My Knights in Shining Armor

Commercial VO Coach

Nancy Wolfson: 2009-Present

Animation VO Coaches

Charlie Adler

Marsha Goodman

Ginny McSwain

Promo VO Coaches

Harry Dunn: Present

Joyce Castellanos: Present

Lanie Mumbrue: Present

David Lyrely


B.F.A. Acting
U.C. Santa Barbara

The Groundlings School
Advanced Lab

U.C.B. Los Angeles

Completed Improv and Sketch Writing Program


Do you like me? 


If you like me...


Atlas Talent: Los Angeles & New York

LA Office Contacts: Heather Dame and Leah Swetsky

Telephone: (310) 324-9800

NYC Office Contacts: Jonn Wasser & Tim Walsh

Telephone: (212) 730-4500

Lip Service: London, UK

London Office Contacts: Kirstie Fletcher & Maxine Davies

Telephone: +44 (0) 207 734 3393